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"The first time it came on, I nearly fell off my rowing machine" - Tony Blair, 2004

Yup, you’ve definitely seen the Lycra-clad, hip-thrusting, eye-popping video once or twice (or maybe few more… don’t worry, we won't judge). It’s been over a decade since Eric Prydz’s infamous No.1 paved the way for Ministry of Sound’s Pump It Up work out DVDs and then onto our best-selling workout complications.

Basically, what we’re saying is, this isn’t our first time. So, we’re taking our expert knowledge of workout music, our nightclub knowhow and partnering with fitness guru Harry Jameson to develop our custom-made, bad-ass gym concept.

"One could think of music as a type of legal performance-enhancing drug" - Costas Karageorghis

Each of our signature workout classes has an expertly curated playlist, all scientifically designed to get you working harder and achieving better results, from warm up to cool down.

Select Play to listen to our mini mixes.

With classes running Monday to Saturday, whether you’re looking for sculpting, strengthening, lengthening, tum-toning, fat burning or just here for the tunes, there’s something for everyone at The Arches.



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