We do have a few guidelines for our Ambassadors:

  • We LURV Instagram, so we ask that you always have your unique discount code in your account bio.

  • We understand you may work out in other places, but we expect one Ministry does Fitness post (not a story) per week minimum. It can be as simple as a shout out on your progress or thanking a coach for making that after workout beer and pizza taste even better.

  • As we are all about community, it’s important you get to know all the fitness fanatics within your reach – this can include promoting the latest event or if your shit hot, creating your own event to get others as excited about Ministry does Fitness as you are.

  • The joy of being an ambassador can’t last forever… well, it can if you're completely amazing, but we do review our ambassadors every 3 months to ensure everyone is on the same page. Don’t worry you won’t be left to your own devices and you will get some additional goodies for sure.