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A new 50-minute strength and conditioning class that is as serious about Deadlift technique as it is about creating the most incredible experience and delivering a soundtrack of banging beats.

Want to build a strong, lean and powerful body? LIFTED enables us to unleash our inner warrior, the beautiful equilibrium of being strong, yet soft. It’s not necessarily about training for aesthetics, its working as a team to develop our physical performance to the best of your ability, get out your comfort zone, recover like a boss, and the physical and mental results will follow.

We all know how to get intensity out of our training, that sweaty post-workout feeling of having absolutely nothing left in the tank. But was the tank fueled for battle? Were the movements performed with good technique during intensity? Did you challenge yourself? How did you recover?

It is important we find intensity through safe and efficient movement, set yourself your own performance goals, without comparison to others, do it for the experience, do it for your health, do it for fun, do it for YOU, because you love it, not because you feel you have to. Get lost in the music, work hard, train smart, recover harder.