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“Smile, embrace discomfort and everything slips into place” is the maxim for our man Beefy. For years, a self-proclaimed fat kid, he found fitness boring and uninspiring until one day it clicked that all he had to do was “keep it moving” – so that’s what he did.


Before long, he’d dumped the doughnuts for marathon miles, and quit the day job just so he could spend more time with the likes of you! Expect high energy, high intensity, high octane moves, with a sprinkling of beats and bars.

Laura Ministry Does Fitness



Our in-house lifting pocket rocket, a natural blonde (LOL!) and weirdly always tanned, who believes that you do not have to be an athlete to train like one.


Laura is passionate about strength and conditioning, to make you a leaner, harder, faster and stronger human being. Expect to be told to lift heavy, and heavier again.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable as you will soon realise the power you have within to be a badass, inside and out. Where there is a challenge, there is change, nothing looks as good as strong feels.



Lion grew up watching the action heroes of the 90s; Sylvester Stallone to Van Damme, Bruce Willis to Wesley Snipes, and secretly (or not-so-secretly) he always wanted to be a real-life action hero.


Lion believes training is a way of appreciating his health whilst sharpening his god-given tools; the mind, body and human will.  He’s aware that balance in life is essential, so don’t worry. He plays just as hard as he trains. Yippie-Ki-Yay Motherf**ker!



Melissa is no-nonsense. She is all about the power of grit and determination to get you to your goals. She’s not here to entertain you – she’s here to guide you and give you the power to see results.


No bullshit. Just big-ass beats and the occasional f-bomb (just when you need it). Expect heavy AF weights, high energy and a smile (just when you think she might end you). Our Melissa is fierce but approachable – she’s the coach you’ll love to hate.



Niamh, sometimes known as Firecracker (for her high energy classes and her what use to be fire-y red hair), has been fairly active most of her life. Not your typical child, growing up most of her activities consisted mainly of Circus Arts. Spending most of her teenage summers at Circus schools across the world, even one at Cirque Du Soleil’s in Montreal. It was during this time she found out the true meaning of discipline and commitment from a very young age.


It wasn’t till she moved to London in 2010 that she found her love for lifting weights. Niamh’s focus was then and continues now to this day to be to educate women across the world on the benefits of lifting. She also hopes to add a dash of happiness to everyone she encounters each day!



After a fast-paced career in Marketing, Nik decided to ditch the corporate world to pursue his real passion in fitness. He is a big believer of consistency and ultimately enjoying the process. Away from the studio, he is also a CrossFit coach, so expect functional floor work and hell of a lot of burpees.


'Effort is a choice' - something you might hear him preach a lot on the mic! "Give me 100% and we'll get on just fine"


Here to unleash your inner athlete! Having brushed shoulders with Olympians, he knows what it means to train hard and what it really takes to “level up”. He says that he brings a flavour of his athletic background to everyone he coaches, regardless of their fitness level but, he’s not here for your excuses. 


Not one to toot his own horn (so we’ll do it for him!) Omar is an exclusive personal trainer working out of Mayfair so he’ll always give you the “why” behind every exercise you do. He’s a firm believer that life is too short not to enjoy yourself and get your heart racing.



Man on a mission to inspire and empower; pushing people out of their comfort zone to help them achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals. He’s internationally renowned for his unique style of motivational and innovative training techniques.


Working as a master trainer for Technogym and run coach for Nike, Rory leads fitness events all around the world and trains the best of the best (from high-profile clients to professional athletes). His infectious energy is off the scale.



Alice is a promoter of change. She left her high-flying corporate career that she wasn’t happy in to help other people make changes for the better.


Alice is loud and hyperactive but definitely is no drill sergeant. Her whole aim is to make you want to push harder and make the change. She wants it for you but she’ll make you want it for yourself even more.


She prides herself on creating euphoric moments. So, you might not know whether to laugh or cry (you might do both) but guaranteed you’ll walk out with a smile on your face.