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Niamh, sometimes known as Firecracker (for her high energy classes and her what use to be fire-y red hair), has been fairly active most of her life. Not your typical child, growing up most of her activities consisted mainly of Circus Arts. Spending most of her teenager summers at Circus schools across the world, even one at Cirque Du Soleil’s in Montreal. It was during this time she found out the true meaning of discipline and commitment from a very young age.


It wasn’t till she moved to London in 2010 that she found her love for lifting weights. Niamh’s focus was then and continues now to this day to be to educate women across the world on the benefits of lifting. She also hopes to add a dash of happiness to everyone she encounters each day!


Niamh has spent many years teaching across the world in all forms of fitness, from boxing, to HIIT, to TRX Masterclasses and lifting techniques. She has taken learnings from every place she has been and every form of fitness she has encountered to create her own unforgettable sweat fest experience when she teaches. You'll never leave her class dry or without a smile!