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FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC LORNA JANE X MINISTRY DOES FITNESS with guest speakers Connie Simmonds, Toral Shah and Laura Hoggins

At Lorna Jane we want to give women the encouragement to invest in themselves, to challenge and improve themselves and to ultimately love themselves inside and out. Our 'Fearlessly Authentic' event takes place in the incredible Ministry Does Fitness studio and we are so excited to be joined by the powerhouse trio, Connie Simmonds (MUA & Beauty Blogger) Laura (Coach at Ministry Does Fitness) and Toral (Founder of The Urban Kitchen). 


Connie, Laura and Toral are joining forces for the first time, to deliver a powerful talk and insight into their own personal journeys, experiences and will be leading a discussion on how they believe you can harness your strength from the inside, and demonstrate on the outside. They are all extremely passionate about ignoring any comparison to others, letting people around you inspire you, but not limit you. They will discuss the reality of being a female in the health and wellness industry, and the importance of unapologetic authenticity and development of self-love. 


In the world of social media, selfies, filters, clean eating, and comparisons to strangers, they believe we should be living for the experience of life, searching for happiness and wellness from within, without seeking the acceptance and approval of others. Be fearlessly and authentically yourself, and never compromise.


Connie strongly believes in the essence of loving yourself, building a stronger version of you and that beauty comes from the inside out. She has had an amazing career as a MUA and beauty blogger and has recently worked hard on her own body transformation. She is a go-getter with a humble approach to life, encouraging others to support themselves and lift others up around her, empowering others to follow their dreams and be confident in themselves, just as they are.


Laura is a passionate believer in being yourself and being your own No1 fan, not in an arrogant way, but in order to allow others to love you, you must first love yourself wholly and fully without compromise. She throws absolutely everything into her class at Ministry Does Fitness, inspiring others that if she can make a change, they can too, showing people what they can achieve physically and mentally; if you focus on developing performance, getting comfortable being uncomfortable, then the aesthetics will follow. 


Toral champions that health is far more than size and focusing on macronutrient intake and focusses instead on  nutrient dense delicious meals based on micronutrients as these fuel your systems and your engine. She has demonstrated this by completing triathlons during her breast cancer treatment and is grounded in her strong ethos on being happy and healthy but basing this on scientific evidence rather than fad diets.


They also believe it is their opportunity to show others how they can work on their own journey of self-acceptance, to love what they see in the mirror, and to surround yourself with the people who support your confidence. 


Connie, Laura and Toral will lead the educational and empowering interactive hour-long session predominantly around the subject of self-love and then Laura will lead you through her new class LIFTED, a strength & conditioning workout with a shot of badass, before sending you shopping our new Lorna Jane activewear collection with an exclusive discount and sending you home with your goodie bag filled with healthy and natural treats and products.


£30 ticket cost includes the 2 hour event plus x1 smoothie and x1 goodie bag plus an exclusive discount to use afterwards.


Can't wait to see you there, Lorna Jane UK