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What else do you need post-Saturday Showcase? Bottomless Skinny Prosecco and Naughty Avocado of course.  

A brunch of Gods, a brunch only dreams are made of, a brunch only WE would bring you. Join us for 45 minutes of literally the best full body workout that is Showcase with Niamh, followed by hydration from Thomson & ScottSkinny Prosecco and brunch from Naughty Avocado. Not sure who they are? Skinny Prosecco, organic, vegan and cuts more than half the unnecessary sugar normally added and our pals over at Naughty Avocado…where do we start? Imagine the best avocado, the sort of avocado you see with all the gram-love and zero haters any way you want it, surrounded by your workout buddies. Heaven.   

So, what are you waiting for? Tell the squad, LETS'S GET FIZZICAL! Saturday 28th October 11am or 12pm #begoodtobebad

Don’t fancy the Fizz? We got you; email to secure your Showcase and Naughty Avocado ticket.