Get to know our THREE awesome new Coaches

Libby Horsley shares her top 5 sweet and savory recipes for afternoon snacking to prevent afternoon hanger kicking in and that "cheeky" chocolate bar or 5 being demolished. 

Hear how our coach Nik is making the most of his goals and what he is doing to keep himself on track, including ditching the booze!

 Our Jess has taken 2 minutes from her A-Lister clients including Sean Paul and the cast of The Lion King to give you the low down on the good and the bad on sweaty face syndrome using her 12 years of MAC expertise.

We love you but not everyday, why you NEED to rest, brought to you by the coaches that love you the most

Bring me FI-YAH FI-YAH, the fabulous @missnutritionist aka Rosie Millen gives us the low down on bringing the FI-YAH Errrr day the week.

Real Talk with Phil, taking the studio by storm

Real Talk with Bethan, two races, two cities all in less than 24 hours. 

DEFINE, the latest addition to the dance floor 

Cardio Breakfast Club delivered to you by Upfull. Meet the man and the meaning behind the small sachets of goodness. Including top tips for making the plunge into the fitness industry and some very interesting Teff nutritional facts.