Real Talk with Jess from MAC
Real Talk with Jess from MAC


 You 100% have seen this brunette chicka going hard in every class she can get her manicured nails into but we ripped her away from the treadmill to pick her brains about beauty. In particular the good and bad sweating has on our skin. Trust us it is a lot more technical than you might think. 

 The Good 

  • Sweating is a signal during exercise that the warm up phase is over and you are entering the performance zone, once you are in this the sweat regulates your body temperature and signals your body’s ability to hydrate
  • Sweat is good for the skin, water hydrates, minerals and salt naturally exfoliate and urea and uric acid combat dry skin and dermatitis
  • Sweating purges the skin of bacteria, dirt, oils and impurities, the optimal pH factor of the skin is the same pH factor of sweat

 The Bad/Ugly and how you can combat

  •  The impurities that sweating helps flush out can stay on your skin, when the skin begins to re absorb them pH factors can change and can lead to irradiation and rashes to help combat this it’s essential to invest in a good cleanser (I love dermalogicas ultra calming cleanser) this really foams up to give the skin a good deep cleanse and get rid of any post workout nasty’s, this is also soothing on the skin so will calm down any post workout redness.

My Post Workout Skincare Routine 

  • Step 1: Cleanse. Make sure the cleanser is right for your skin type my personal fave is Dermalogica ultra calming cleanser I find this helps with my post workout redness and really deep cleanses the skin (if you go into Dermalogica they can face map your skin and recommend the products right for you)
  • Step 2: I love to give my skin that extra deep cleanse by using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant the rice bran really brightens the skin and helps lift off any dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling super fresh I love using a face brush with this to really work the product in.
  • Step 3: I love to use moisturisers with that added glow my all-time fave being MAC’s Strobe Cream (peach is my personal fave) this is a must have if you want to get up and go after a workout
  • Step 4: a little spritz of MAC’s Softening lotion for that added hydration
  • Step 5: using a peas sized amount of MAC’s Lip Scrubtious I polish this over my lips and tissue off finish with your fave lip conditioner and your good to go!

Watch this space, September will see further hands on tutorials with Jess. In the meantime check her out: @jessieolearyx



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