Cardio Breakfast Club delivered to you by Upfull
Cardio Breakfast Club delivered to you by Upfull

Meet the man and the meaning behind the small sachets of goodness. 

What did you do prior?

I'm originally from South Africa. Apart from the usual part time hospitality jobs which many of us have done I studied chartered accountancy (super boring) at uni. I then worked in community and leadership development with young people for many years, having worked for Desmond Tutu in South Africa and with other freedom fighters when Apartheid ended. I then co-founded a leadership charity and worked in travel before moving to a farm to learn about sustainable community living and food. I arrived in the UK many moons ago and worked in youth development and international development before giving that a break in favour of cheffing which I did to help me in recipe development and because I love it!


Tell us about the birth of Upfull 

My first summer in the UK I was living on a very large boat, well actually, it was a ship that used to carry oil and was converted into apartments. I loved my community. I met my incredible chef there who is amazing (ex Gordon Ramsey and Cordon Bleu trained), and we made berry yoghurt together from the wild bushes in our area. Then we decided to make granola for the whole community. I fell in love with the how production behind granola, getting a good crunch and cluster, but likewise, wanted to make a granola which wasn't high in sugar and only used unrefined sugars. A few years later, and one year of recipe development and testing, I finally took the plunge to start Upfull. Launching with Granola and which will open up into lots of other health food products. I believe it's tantamount that people live their purpose, do what they love and create happiness. That's what this is about. Making happy food.


What are the ACTUAL perks of the granola goodness in basic terms, no science jargon?

Ooh tough one without going into the science of amino acids etc... All our mixes have a minimum of three seeds in them, so high in fibre and higher than many other granolas in nutrition. We hand grind A LOT of linseed into our mixes, which means you and your digestive system get SO much more out of it. We also include an awesome Superfood from Ethiopia called Teff, which gives you extra energy and boosts your iron levels amongst other things. Lastly, we're passionate about NO refined sugars, as they are seriously bad. We use either Coconut Blossom Nectar or Honey to sweeten the mixes to give you an all natural sweet lift to the day. 


What are the most interesting facts about the sachets other than the uber cute spoon?

Great question! Couple interesting facts...

  1. They are waterproof and resealable. when I'm in a rush, I fill it up with almond milk, pop it in my bag and get on my bicycle and eat it when I get to work or on a train. Some of my friends give it to their kids when they wake up late and have to get to school!
  2. They are brilliant for upcycling. After I make a soup or curry, they are the perfect size to fill up and and freeze for one meal. My freezer looks like an Upfull filing cabinet

Where do you see the fitness food market going?

It's only a matter of time until single cell research finds its way into food product development. What this means in day to day talk is, the future, through a bit of technological help - probably with our mobile phones - will enable us to find exactly the right mix of health foods for our individual bodies and lifestyles. 


What would you say to someone looking to make the plunge into the industry?

Do a lot of research. Ask lots of questions. Manage your personal finance well before you manage your business finance. Ask for help and learn how to sell before you start.


What’s around the corner for you guys? Working on anything top secret you can fill us in on?

Absolutely! We are launching a ground breaking concept next year Autumn which I have to keep under the bonnet, however I can say that one our our partners works for a pharmaceutical company and is knee deep in research around healthy diets and longevity and this will play a big part. Our stockists will be giving free samples and clues to their customers from September onwards and if you pop in, you can even sign up to be the first to get a free box. Can't say much more than that. Yes, super cryptic. Closer round the corner, we will be launching via crowdfunding, limited edition gift sets with awesome new flavours for Christmas in posh jars. 

To keep up to date with Upfull and support happy eating check them out @Upfullfood or grab your free sachet every Cardio Breakfast Club until the 24th July. 


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