It's fair to say I'm not a morning person. And it's fair to say I've never really been a fitness freak. I always regret that I hit the bar and the pizza shop way more than I hit the gym during my Uni days, and then, before I knew, it my routine involved eating out way more that working out. 

Over the last few years I got more into looking after myself and my body with a string of gym memberships, but a few years ago when my favourite trainer left my gym, I found myself going less and less. More recently I tried Barry's and Best's Bootcamps which I enjoyed but didn't ever get really into.... and then I found Ministry Does Fitness! 

For the last 8 weeks or so I've been hitting up Ministry Does Fitness like a boss. And, I love it. The trainers and the whole team are awesome. There's no doubt everyone who attends (and I love that there are so many cool and friendly regulars) is pretty darn fit, but it's amazing how friendly and inclusive it still feels. Going to Ministry each morning is like going to Cheers Bar... ‘where everybody knows your name’ (sorry young'uns - old reference, Google it). 

In the last eight weeks I've really started to notice changes to my body and that keeps me motivated in itself. I’m feeling great! Plus, now I want to look more at my diet so I really maximise my new regime. I'm a long term vegan (for the animals, ‘cos I kind of think if you could ask them they wouldn’t really want to be killed and eaten if they had a choice…..and yes, I do get enough protein and no, I’m not malnourished or weak, etc!), but I could definitely eat better still - so that's the next step! 

 I'm not training for anything really, just for me, but was happy the other day when I hit up the Westminster 10k 'off the couch', and got a reasonably acceptable 52”26’. There's no doubt getting annihilated by Alice, Nick, Rory and Niamh each morning over the last couple of months had a big part to play in that. So, thank you Ministry Does Fitness team, thank you body (for just about holding up), and thank you mornings for changing from boring and lethargic to fcking epic!

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