Meet Niamh the latest addition to the team 

I'm an Irish mad woman who has been in to fitness and training for most of her life. Although it use to be in the form of gymnastics and circus arts. I'm all round just generally happy, don't take anything to serious and always looking to push forward in life while bringing everyone with me!

What are your top 3 fave things

TRIPLE H! Happiness, Handstands and I guess.... my Husband!

What do you like about teaching at Ministry does Fitness?

How amazingly inclusive it is!!! London can be so cliquey at times and I love coming to teach where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, to just have a good time and get a badass sweat on!

What is so great bout the Endurance class?

It's really a chance to push your mentality as much as your body. People often don't realize how much of what you do when you workout translates in to your real life. For endurance you need to have GRIT and you need to be committed from the very beginning. I love changing people's conceptions of themselves so when they leave they think, 'F*CK! I never thought I could have done that and I just totally smashed it!".

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened in a class?

Someone whipping out a protein bar mid exercises, I guess for a quick energy boost.....? I mean I get it, when hunger strikes it strikes!

Off duty, where would we find you?

Trying to do one of the many many weird activities London has to offer like shuffleboard, Junkyard Golf or Breaking Bad bar. Those weird things you only find in London, or I'll be sleeping.

What would be your superpower?

To be able to tell exactly when avocados are the perfect ripeness!

Do you put socks on first or last?


Join Niamh every Wednesday AM to kick start your Wednesday with Endurance. 
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