Real Talk with Kirsten 

Where did you get your guns from and what does your regime look like? 

I’ve always been into sports; swimming, gymnastics and lacrosse gave me a solid foundation when I was younger. I got into strength training at university and became a certified yoga instructor last year. Right now I do a mix of HIIT classes, running and Ashtanga yoga. I love Endurance and Showcase, nothing better to start the weekend than a Friday evening Showcase with Melissa. I get pumped up in Beefy’s classes and relaxed with a Fat Buddha Yoga class.

Always blessed in the muscle department?

I definitely have a muscular build and for ages I wished for a Kate Moss type body, but then I realized that will never happen in this lifetime so I might as well own my body type and I really began to like strength training and embrace my strength. Since I joined MDF in February I have seen a great progress in my overall muscle tone and upper body strength. My all-time favourite power exercise is sled pulls.

We all suffer from that 3pm mid-afternoon hunger and your Instagram says you’re a bit of a foodie, what would you recommend at the min?

The 3pm slump is REAL and can make or break the day. I am a Food Scientist so I am surrounded by food 24/7, but I love snacks. My favourite snacks are toast or rice cakes with Pip and Nut Coconut Almond butter and banana slices. I love fresh fruit, it’s mango season and I cannot get enough! I always have a sweet treat in my desk. I love dark chocolate and right now my faves are the Sour Cherry & Vanilla dark chocolate from Pana or Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange dark chocolate. Up until recently I worked as a product developer on ice cream and would eat ice cream as a snack more often than I probably should have!

Your wedding looked beaut, what made the move from America to sunny England, when did you make the jump?

Sunny England? Thank you! The wedding was in Vermont, it was like a woodland fairy tale mixed with an Indian wedding. I initially came to England in 2014 for a job assignment with Ben & Jerry’s and happened to meet my fiancé through a mutual friend. I went back to Vermont for work and was back and forth between Vermont and London for a bit. I hopped the pond and made the move to London full time last September.

When you’re not sweating in the studio, where else can we find you? Fave bars/eatery?

I spend most of my life eating and figuring out where to eat, I have so many favorites (Dishoom, Duck Soup, Nopi) and so many places I want to try. I live in Elephant & Castle (so hot right now) so I have been spending time exploring the area. I love that I can walk to Mercato Metropolitano and Borough Market, there is so much good food in close proximity, thank god MDF is close too! On the weekends, there is a spot in the Artworks that makes bacon and egg rotis which are 5-star. There is an adorable spot for brunch down Walworth Rd., Louie Louie, that is a staple. I love the music scene in London so on the weekends you can find me on the dance floor.

Any tips for Brides to be for the big day?

Be real with your goals and expectations. Fitness and well-being is a lifelong journey, not event based. You don’t want to make your life miserable in the run up to the wedding trying to drop an unrealistic or unhealthy amount of weight to get into a dress, there is enough stress from wedding planning and managing everything. I had been putting in the time working out and eating well but the number on the scale stayed the same, which was discouraging, but then I realized my clothes fit better and I looked more toned, which was actually my goal. My workouts help to alleviate stress, which was a huge bonus. A lot of people get great results by cutting out drinking, which definitely helped me. I kept it to one day a week max and tried to keep consumption to a minimum. Drinking lots of water helps with overall well being too. There is a quote I love by Michael Pollan which is “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants”, if you stick to moderation you’ll be golden.

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